I help you move on what matters,
so you can finally make that masterpiece.

Tommy Zee

Hi. I’m Tommy Zee. I help high potential humans and businesses to create work that matters.  I’ve worked with world’s finest brands like: Nike, Heineken, BWW, Google, Adidas and many more. I’ve worked with artists, makers, storytellers to help them to get clear, courageous and commited to creating work that matters.

I want to live in a world where businesses do more art and artists do more business. Building that world is my life’s work. 

If you’re ready to wake up and live up to your potential – I invite you to book a free discovery call with me:


The thing is, I wasn’t always living the creative life. Far from it. 

Once upon a time, I was stuck in a soul sucking corporate career as a banker on Toronto’s Bay Street. Tired and uninspired with the “leveraging”, “synnergizing”, and “adding shareholder value”, I escaped the “comfort” of cubicles, conference rooms and conference calls to follow my calling. To follow my calling despite the doubt. To follow my calling despite the fear.

I made the life changing decision not to let fear determine my destiny. I knew that in the long run, the pain of not following my conscience would be far greater than the temporary pain of facing my fears. 

I quit my corporate career over a decade ago. Since then, I have enjoyed a thrilling ride as a creator, living on two different continents and working with the finest folks and companies in the world.  


"Tommy sees what many won't ever see and has the ability to shed light on it in a masterfully eloquent, enlightened and entertaining manner."
Joep Beving
Recording Artist / Deutsche Grammophone

For over a decade now, I have been a music producer, composer and creative director helping the world’s finest brands to use sound in interesting ways so they can stand out in a noisy marketplace. 

I went from the cubicle of a corporation to the captain’s chair in a recording studio. My first hand knowledge of the business boardroom AND the studio has allowed me to be the perfect conduit for creativity in business, and business in creativity. 

I believe that all the lessons I’ve learned on my journey must be shared with others who seek to live a more creative, joyful, fulfilling life.  And so here I am, ready to help you to get clear on your calling, to get courageous in your action, so you can finally turn your life and work into a masterpiece that matters.

"His friendly, encouraging mentorship took me from being really green to being capable and competent. I encourage anyone who wants to make a career out of creativity to work with Tommy."
Jeff Lurie
Songwriter / Composer

So...only these questions remain:

Are you ready to create work that matters?
Are you ready to make your life a masterpiece?

If not YOU...then who?
If not NOW, then when?